The Scariest Movies Ever



Except that would not be quite accurate because my number one isn't Halloween. Same director though....

1) Prince of Darkness (1987, USA) (directed by John Carpenter)

I may well face accusations of being deliberately contrary by not picking one of the obvious names that you normally see on top of lists like this. Many of which will be topped by a John Carpenter film. Usually Halloween, sometimes The Thing, maybe even The Fog. Great horror films, one and all.

But Prince of Darkness is his underseen horror masterpiece. A film which has steadily gained critical reappraisal over the last 30 years after it made no real impact on its release, there's something that terrifies me about this film and I'm not sure what it is. Actually, I do. EVERYTHING.

And that includes Alice Cooper as a tramp who just stands around staring.

The premise is admittedly slightly daft as some weird canisters containing some mysterious green swirling crap (that's the technical term) are found under an old church, and a bunch of researchers and scholars are sent in to try and find out what it is.

It overcomes its premise to just pile fright after fright, some horrible special effects, nasty jump scares and dream-like imagery that is disturbing - for some reason.

The cast is largely unknown save for Donald Pleasence as a priest, but it doesn't matter a great deal. Its atmosphere just gets a hold of you from the outset and doesn't let go and I also watch this every year too. Never loses its power and I recommend this highly for tonight. Get those lights off, go on!

And that's it! If you can't be arsed reading all that (fair enough), here's a quick rundown of what I nominated:- 10) The Shout 9) Long Weekend 8) A Tale of Two Sisters 7) The Descent 6) Bug 5) Freaks 4) The Exorcist 3) Repulsion 2) The Shining 1) Prince of Darkness

Agree? Disagree? Give us a shout on the usual channels and let me know that I'm an idiot for not picking your favourites. Or just in general.