Strictly Come Dancing



Guess who's back, back again.... I'm Jas, and I'm your spooooooky Strictly host tonight! (expect LOTS more Halloween themed puns). Get ready, the show starts in 15 minutes...

Let's go!

Strictly always nails the opening Halloween number, and I'm not disappointed...

I'm giving the overall costumes an 8.5/10. SO much detail, then they let themselves down. They got to Gemma and gave her a plastic necklace! Still, can't really tell who anyone is...

Will Ruthie ever have her own hairstyle...?

Jonnie up first with a cha cha, chanelling some Captain Jack realness.

Poor Jonnie. Try as he might, that went downhill quickly (safe to say it didn't go down *too* well in the living room). Will he be in danger? He scores 4,6,5,5=20.

Here's a visual treat:

Ruth next, bringing all of ITV along with her. Still giving it a bit of Margaret Thatcher from last week... How will she fare with the Quickstep?

Anton's tail quite distracting there, but our Ruthie is actually doing ok! Questionable frame, but overall, I am impressed! What do you guys think?