Anthony Joshua v Carlos Takam LIVE!



GOOD EVENING FIGHT FANS! Back in April, Anthony Joshua took out the Ukrainian giant that was Wladmir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium to cement his place as one of Britain's top sportsmen. Tonight, he's in Cardiff to face Carlos Takam. Who? Yeah, me too. I'm Roddy Graham and for the next 3 hours I'm here to guide you through events at the venue formerly known as the Millenium Stadium. In true Roddy on ByTheMinute fashion...IT'S TIME...TO...CUE THE MUSIC!!!!

The schedule of live fights for tonight with me is as follows... Up next: Katie Taylor vs Anahi Sanchez for the WBA Lightweight title Followed by: Dillian Whyte vs Robert Helenius for the WBC silver heavyweight title And then around 10.30pm: Anthony Joshua vs not Kubrat Pulev You really don't need to fork out for Sky Box Office when you can know everything you need to from me is text form. Plus, it'll improve your reading skills kids. WINNING!

First live fight on here tonight is the one Katie Taylor is calling her "biggest moment in boxing". She's up against WBA Lightweight champion Anahi Esther Sanchez and is going for her maiden world belt. I've watched a fair bit of Katie Taylor over the past few years. She's just amazing. Fingers crossed she can do the business tonight. Fighters just making their way to the ring. It's not Michael Buffer on MC duties (yet...he is in the building!)

Alistair Sargent

The fact Sanchez missed weight by only 1lb but couldn't drop that in 2 hrs tells me she had already dangerously cut to 136lbs. Expect Taylor to get this done very easily against a tired, weak sitting duck

Roddy Graham

Here's hoping!

Katie is dressed in a black and gold number tonight. Not entirely sure what is the yellow part of her outfit. Is it lemons? Or flowers? My eyes deceive me. Anyways, she's looking lean and mean. VERY focused too. Go'an yersel KT!!

Anahi Sanchez missed her weight yesterday and, because rules are rules, lost her title too. For those who don't quite understand boxing's finer details, it means the fight goes ahead and Katie wins the belt if she wins. But if Anahi is victorious, the title is vacant. Yeah, it's all a little strange...

Alistair Sargent

The fact she couldnt lose 1lb in 2 hours tells me she had already dangerously cut to get to 136lbs. Expect a tired, weak sitting duck for KT

Alistair Sargent

I think I said this earlier but it's disappeared from my feed. I will be heard!!! Haha

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This one is scheduled for 10 rounds. As our BTM expert Ally said in the comments below, expect Taylor to get the job done easily. If Ally says it, I'm sticking my house on an Irish win. Colin Farrell is in the stadium for those who care. Sky clearly do as they showed him before the last fight and will likely hound him out his seat. Poor fella. Ref has done his duties (also in some form of Spanish...basically shouted louder and slower than usual) DING DING!

Alistair Sargent

Cue a Sanchez win and a very angry looking Mr G, Mrs G, dog D and baby G appearing on my doorstep demanding a roof for the night...

ROUND 1 Good opening exchanges from Taylor. She's came out the traps flying with rapid combinations knocking some sense into the Spanish speaking lass. Maybe Catalonia will get Taylor into their discussion team with the officials in Madrid based on this. Right hand is a huge weapon. The left isn't being used sparingly either. Very, very positive start.

ROUND 1 Her workrate is far superior to Sanchez. Bollocks. I forgot these were two minute rounds. Really should only have condensed these updates into one box. Oops.

ROUND 2 More shots landing from Taylor early in the 2nd. DOWN GOES SANCHEZ ONE MINUTE IN! Super shot. Can Taylor take her out inside the round? Quite possibly. Sanchez is flailing all over the shop. She hardly knows where she is. Brilliant stuff from Katie. Stick in there and take her out. Sanchez comes back at the bell. She just hangs on. What a round!

ROUND 3 Credit to Sanchez for staying in there in that last round. Lesser fighters would have called it a night there and then. Out for the third and Sanchez still looks dazed. Taylor meantime walks on to a nice right hand. She's not giving this up. One shot might still get the "champ" out of this. OR NOT! TAYLOR MAKES SANCHEZ BUCKLE! What a fight this is. Both giving it their all. Shoud have put this on just before Joshua. 30 seconds of the round left. More good work from Taylor. Sanchez targets the body but not with much force. Head shots do land better. Superb round of boxing ladies and gentlemen. Taylor has it 30-26 for me so far.