Unibet Masters Quarter Finals



I'm @DevilDart180 and thank you for joining me for this afternoon session of darts, It's time for the Quarter-Finals of the PDC Masters 2016

Our order of play this afternoon is: 1. Huybrechts v Wade - 2.Van Der Voort v Chisnall - 3.Taylor v Wright - 4.Van Gerwen v Smith

So we start with Kim Huybrechts v James Wade... They have met 14 times and Wade holds the advantage winning 10 of the games

I think on yesterdays James needs to improve a little specifically on the doubles if he is to win against Huybrechts

This game is going to be very close!

Kim Huybrechts was victorious 6-4 in the last meeting involving these two

Wade throws a 140 with the first 3 darts of many for the day

First to 10 again today

James Wade holds throw in the first leg with a 104 checkout - Huybrechts 0-1 Wade

James takes the second leg with a break of throw hitting D2