Mexico GP



Good evening, we're 15 minutes from lights out in Mexico City for the Mexican Grand Prix. Will Lewis win the championship? Can Ferrari finish a race? Can Renault not have a engine failure?

Vettel achieved his 50th pole yesterday, beating Verstappen by nearly +0.1s, while Mercedes are on the second row, with Hamilton leading Bottas. Kimi is P5, followed by Ocon, Hulkenberg, Sainz then Massa - pushed up by grid penalties.

Stroll has Ericsson for company on P11 and P12, respectively. Wehrlien is ahead of Magnusson, as well as Grosjean. Ricciardo is P16, Hartley is P17, Alonso P18, Vandoorne P19, Gasly P20 - all affected by grid penalties due to engine changes.

If you haven't heard it enough, P5 or higher for Lewis to win the Championship, which is extremely likely in case something bad happens to him...

This race is high on downforce, despite the long straights, while cooling is difficult on track, due to the high altitude of the circuit meaning there is 22% less oxygen in the air for cooling, with this being the reason the Renault engines are failing - while the Ferrari has the best cooling of all cars.

The formation lap is underway, green light is a go.

VET and VER have lined up on the grid, waiting for the back markers now.

All are lined up.