Great British Bake Off



GUYS, if you're planning on watching the final tonight, DO NOT LOOK ON TWITTER! Prue has got herself in a bit of hot water by allegedly revealing the winner, but who knows, could it all be a publicity stunt?


Well, this is *quite* something.

Right, hello! I'm Anna, and I'm going to be bringing you all the action from the Bake-Off Tent for tonight's final! For those of you who haven't heard from Prue, who do you think will be our winner?

Has anyone else realised that Paul's twitter icon is a wee bit terrifying?

With that observation, it's baking time!

Of course we have to start off with a lovely montage of the earlier weeks, it's all very dramatic...

Our bakers all look very stressy this evening, and understandably so.

First challenge; a batch of 12 small loaves. With 4 detailed loaves, 4 different flavours, and 4 different grains. Rather them than me is all I can say!

Kate is apparently using some jaggery sugar. Nope, me neither.