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Good evening you lovely lot. Thomas Frost back for Game 6 of the 2017 World Series. Don't remember what happened in Game 5? Take a recap! https://www.bytheminute.co/events/6385-baseball-los-angeles-dodgers-houston-astros-game-5-of-the-fall-classic-and-we-re-all-square-who-will-take-the-advantage-back-to-la-follow-our-mbm-coverage-to-find-out-live-30-oct-2017

Astros are 3-2 ahead and a win tonight will see them win the World Series for the first time in their 55 year history. Let's give you some game information before then.

Astros pitcher:

Dodgers pitcher:

Astros lineup:

Dodgers lineup:

This is what the Dodgers are up against in a must win game:

First pitch is in around 40 minutes time so here's a link to a story about the best World Series Game 6's of all time. I don't agree with the order of the final list but some great games there for sure. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/207689098/top-10-game-6s-throughout-world-series-history/

Pre game ceremonies. National anthem to start with.

Dodger hero Orel Hershiser and their legendary manager Tommy Lasorda out on the field for the first pitch ceremonies. Tommy does look frail these days. 90 years old he is mind. Both throw pitches. Well Orel throw it, Tommy could only manage to underarm it which isn't surprising.

Emperor Slowking

Don't ask Tommy what he thinks of Dave Kingman's performance.....