The Apprentice



Good evening. Caroline, aka @toongirl83 here, ready for another episode of The Apprentice. It's Week Five, and it's Lord Sugar's 70th birthday. He wants the teams to help with the celebrations - has he forgotten what happened last week?! Who will be on the end of his firing finger this week?

It's my favourite task - the one where the teams are given a list of items to find and end up racing around shops like headless chickens, trying to negotiate a decent (low) price for them. In a twist, Joanna has been made PM of Graphene - thanks to all her moaning and bitching over previous weeks

They've gone to East London, Northolt Primary School to be exact, Lord Sugar's old school. 59 years since he's been there. The teams have to find items that are linked with Lord Sugar, team that spends the least wins. LS moves James over to Graphene and off they go.

Items include a Spurs scarf, a 70th birthday cake, retro car aerial, monogrammed handkerchief (!) and an item made in 1947. "Is that because he was born in 1947?" asks Harrison. Genius. Vitality make Serge PM, while Joanna picks Bushra as her sub team leader

Slow start for Graphene. They spend an hour deliberating before heading off. Sarge tells his team to head to the outskirts of London to get items (they're cheaper, apparently). If the teams fail to find any items, they get fined. Half of Vitality stop at a Turkish supermarket to find a Jewish cake (Rohrbach), but unsurprisingly nothing there

Joanna's team head to a bakery to buy 70 Rohrbach and a birthday cake. James gets it all for £22, then gets cheeky and asks about a Spurs scarf. No luck. Sarge's team arrive at another bakery and spend £50 on Rohrbach and cake. Claude is not impressed.

Bushra's sub-team - her, Elizabeth and Jade negotiate for a monogrammed hankerchief. It takes aaages thanks to Elizabeth's haggling but they get it cheap. Next they go after another item - bricks and mortar, but they don't know where to go and end up driving around aimlessly while they squabble

Vitality buy a stamp for their 1947 item and go after an Amstrad computer. Who has them any more? They find someone with one but its a long journey, they're running out of time and traffic's heavy. And guess what? Graphene are after it too! Joanna and her team beat them to it and buy it for £50. The Vitality sub-team are gutted.

Grapheme are arguing again. Bush ra calls Elizabeth a mad cartoon character. Sorry about delays, wifi's on the blink again. Sarge's team are behind thanks to the Amstrad and miss out on getting bricks. Sarge decides to cancel meeting with dealer and head for the finish line - the House of Lords

Bushra's sub-team are after a scarlet doeskine (spelling?) and race to collect it before the deadline. The rest of Graphene head for the House Of Lords. Sarge's team are there and waiting for the sub-team, who have raced to find a Spurs scarf. They arrive with less than a minute to go. Graphene haven't made it. Joanna's blaming the traffic.