Houston Astros

Los Angeles Dodgers



Hello you wonderful lot! Thomas Frost here for the 7th and final time in this World Series. Well what a series we have had. See-sawed back and forth between two great teams. The Dodgers looking for their 7th World Series title, the Astros their 1st. Game information to follow.

Astros pitcher:

Dodgers pitcher:

Astros lineup:

Dodgers lineup:

It's the 39th deciding Game 7 in the World Series. The National League leading 23-15 in deciding Game 7's so far. The first being in 1909 when the Pirates beat the Tigers and the most recent being of course last year.

It's the 3rd deciding Game 7 between sides who won 100 plus regular season games. The other two being in 1912 when the Red Sox beat the Giants and in 1931 when the Cardinals beat the Athletics.

The last 3 Game 7s have been won by the National League, in 2011, 2014 and 2016. The last deciding Game 7 won by the American League was in 2002 when the Angels beat the Giants.

Pre game ceremonies time. National Anthem being sung.

Alrighty then you lot. Who is going to win? Will we see Kershaw or Verlander?