War and Peace



Evening everyone. Roddy Graham here for the 2nd to last episode of War and Peace. I still have no idea what's going on...

Apparently there's going to be scenes that some may find upsetting. After today's events at Hampden, I hope there's no Celtic fans watching.

So Andrei is returning tonight...to find out his wife has left him. Jeremy Kyle in the backroom just in case he needs him.

The blonde lass is very sad and sombre at the opening. I'm guessing she's told Andrei. Bitch.

Pierre is there to give love advice. You know what they say about chocolate fireguards. That.

Andrei sends Pierre off with a pile of letters. He knows he can trust him. Pierre always delivers! *insert Paddy from Take Out Out photo*


Its so quiet I've got the volume up to bag of crisps level.

Roddy Graham

22 I'm on with my telly. Unheard of.

Away and boil yer heed. Weeping away like that when it was YOU that left him for that smarmy git. Deserves everything she gets. #Honest

Pierre going for the "remember I'm your friend Natasha" line. In other words "I'm here for you to release your sexual frustration"...

If Pierre gets sloppy seconds from Natasha I'm leaving this blog. End of.


End of... part?

Roddy Graham

Just end of. Walk away. Finito. The finale.

Ade Edmondson makes it 5/5 episodes where he wears that ridiculous hat. Kudos.


I'm getting quite fond of it.

Roddy Graham

It's growing on me too. Might buy one from Ebay (RU)