Rugby L


Hello, hello, hello. It's that crack of dawn here in Berlin, but @MikeMeehallWood is unflustered. There's a pint of coffee and Samoa v Tonga to look forward too. It's a Polynesian derby, one of the highlights of the group phase, let's rip into it!

Tonga crushed Scotland last week. Samoa were beaten by New Zealand after putting up a decent fight in the first half but tiring in the second. Tonga are favourites, but that sound you can hear is the form book being defenestrated. Once the double hakas begin, anything goes.

The place is packed, by the way. We're in Waikato, a city with huge Islander populations, and they're loving this.

Double hakas! Double, simultaneous hakas!

The place is absolutely going off! It's seriously one of the best things I've ever seen on a rugby field.

0' The game will have to be good to top that. Off we go.

2' I'm watching this with German quality, which is hilarious.

2' First penalty as Will Hopate is caught in the air by Jarome Luai. He apologises, but penalty nonetheless.

3' Huge hit from Junior Paulo! And then Taumololo gives it right back! Then he forgets how to play the ball. Ah.

5' Roberts kicks, Hopoate takes it on the full. Roberts might need to improve on last week and that isn't a great start.