War and Peace



Andrei is leaving. His son is trying so hard to look upset. Marya all over him like a rash. Get a room. Oh, wait. Are they related?

Actually, it doesn't really matter in the context of this show so far...

Pierre, meanwhile, is continuing his quest of getting Natasha on the rebound. Ditch the specs pal if you want half a shot.

Natasha welling up talking about how kind and sweet Pierre is. He clearly just wants to bang her.

AAAAAANNNNNDDDDD...Pierre chickens out at the last minute and kisses Natasha on the hand. Virgin.

I love the butler's name. Tikhon. Sounds like a rubbish Pokemon character. Looks like one too.

Broadbent crapping his pants. Tikhon doing a runner as well by the looks of it. I sense the "War" part of this is coming in 3...2...1...

Andrei barking commands at Tikhon. He's changed. I think the marital breakdown has really affected him.

And Broadbent is being the stern, stubborn old fool that we've all fallen in love with of late. Refusing to leave his house. Splendid.

The wee lad saying "Grandad's going to war isn't he" is far from the truth. He's went 40 yards before cracking his head open. Fool.