War and Peace



Andrei is trying to get into his house. Nobody around. Which he's chuffed to bits with!

Poor ol' Broadbent. He looks in a bad way. If he goes on the same day as Wogan I'm taking tomorrow off work.

Lee Ryder is a mark ass bitch

Terry Wo-gone

Roddy Graham

Too soon...

Broadbent wittering on about a white dress. And that's his final words. He's a goner. I HATE YOU TOLSTOY!!! HOW DARE YOU KILL HIM OFF!!!

Pretty sure I just saw his lips twitch though...

Tikhon in tears too. Beginning to dislike this now. All the good folks are either a) changing or b) dying.

Miyra having a bit of bother with the peasants. Doesn't look like you're getting the horse dear. Nothing going right for her tonight.


Wearing the white dress may have made a difference!

Roddy Graham

Aye...maybe...would have brightened the place up at the very least!

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Gillian Anderson!!!! Remember when she was in this?? About 4 weeks ago. Christ. What a return.

Pierre's wife is pregnant. Is it Pierre's? Is it whuff. She's also trying to marry her NEXT toyboy. I hate her. Literally.

"Dear Pierre, I know you're a soft-touch so can I marry someone else despite being married to you, you speccy twat"

Pierre, meanwhile, reckons he's going to go to war. That'll end well...