War and Peace



The two posh twats look like they're on the pull. It's essentially "Made In Chelsea" but in Russia. In 1810(ish).

Miyra seems to be getting taken in by the blonde one Rostov. Don't do it. He's worse than Andrei's woman's bit on the side.

Brian Cox (not the star gazing one...) is back for some more. Comforts Andrei about his father's death. Wee gent.

Pierre has come to war dressed like an extra out of a John Wayne film. Someone should have had a word...

HAHAHAHA!!! I'm in tears looking at Pierre's outfit. It's ridiculous.

Dolokhov is back. Pierre shakes his hand in apology. Should have twatted him.

Andrei tells Pierre to go home. He doesn't think he's cut out for war. In other news...bears do poos in the woods.

Paddy Power taking bets on how Pierre dies. 7/1 spear to chest. 10/1 horse tramples on him. 1/4 drowns in his own puddle of tears and piss.

By my watch there's 12 minutes left today...will we get to the end of the battle? Or cliffhanger with Pierre about to die??

HAHAHAHA!!!! Pierre pressed the snooze button on his alarm and slept in during the start of the battle. Couldn't write this stuff.