Dmitry Bivol vs.Trent Broadhurst LIVE



Dmitry Bivol destroys Trent Broadhurst inside a round to retain the WBA light-heavyweight championship


Good evening everyone. A bumber night of boxing ahead from Monte Carlo. I was asked if I wanted to venture to Monaco tonight to bring you some updates, I elected to stay home in Glasgow and watch on TV. What does Monte Carlo have that the Costa del Clyde doesn't!? Anyway... To the action!!

Let's look at what is on the cards... - WBA world bantamweight title Jamie McDonnell (c) vs Liborio Solis -WBA featherweight title eliminator Scott Quigg vs Oleg Yefimovych -European heavyweight title Agit Kabayel (c) vs Dereck Chisora -WBA world light-heavyweight title Dmitry Bivol (c) vs Trent Broadhurst

So quite the night ahead. Up first, and being introduced just now, will be McDonnell vs Solis

McDonnell vs Solis - Rnd 1: Missed the first 30 seconds as I rescued my dinner from the oven. Been a good opening round, plenty leather being thrown. Solis pressuring the champion trying to back him up and having success. McDonnell having to double the jab to keep Solis at bay, but a good finish from Solis who sinks in body shots against the ropes. 10-9 Solis.

Rnd 2: Bit of blood from the nose of McDonnell, looked a right hand from Solis that caused that. Good exchanges from the pair going back and forth. McDonnell with the jab and Solis on the front foot looking to close the distance. It's a good fight this. Caught fire straight away. Level round that for me. 20-19 for Solis.

Rnd 3: Solis starts the round quickly flying in with shots to the head and body. Oh, nasty cut for McDonnell above the left eye as the heads clash. How significant will that be? Doctor had a quick look and was happy for it to continue. Solis looks to ramp the pressure up and take advantage but doesn't get much clean through. McDonnell using his feet well and then lands a good right hand

Ref calls for a time out to let the doctor check the eye. It doesn't look good. Blood is pouring out. McDonnell seemed to convince the ref he wanted to go on, And out he comes and hammers in a right hand, Solis lets fly, McDonnell responds. They stand toe-to-toe and just absolutely pummel each other like a bar brawl. What a round!!

Another time out called. McDonnell and his trainer Dave Coldwell look like they want to go on. I think he's stopped the fight but nobody seems to know what is going on. Yip, it's over. Such a shame. That was an 8 and a half minute barnstormer!

Bout will end as a technical draw due to the accidental clash of heads and it having not gone four rounds. A rematch a year in the making and it ends disappointingly. Shame for both boxers who looked determined to put on a show tonight

Scott Quigg was due to be up next, I suspect that we will get a floater bout to fill the time from the rounds we've missed here. McDonnell had suggested that this would be his last bantamweight bout, he's gutted that he hasn't had the chance to prove himself tonight.