UFC 217: Bisping vs. St-Pierre LIVE!



Ramos continuing to throw the outside leg kick, and Zahabi looks to be flat on it already. Ramos remaining patient, but looks like they've done early damage.

Zahabi with a nice uppercut and they clinch. Ramos tries to throw an elbow on the break but misses. Zahabi with another nice uppercut.

Nice takedown by Ramos. Zahabi quickly up and lands a nice left hand. Both guys look high level at all parts of the game. Zahabi clips him with a right hand and follows up with a clean left. Back into the clinch.

Zahabi fighting for double underhooks, but we're in a little bit of stalemate against the cage.

Lovely trip takedown by Ramos and as they scramble, Ramos with a nice slam to end the round. 10-9 Ramos in what was a close round till the last 15 seconds.

Second round.

Ramos again attacking with outside leg kicks and flashes a high kick that misses.

Ramos just misses a big uppercut.

Zahabi lands a nice right hand, but unable to put any combinations.

Zahabi still landing good single shots. Probably won the first two minutes of the round, but no combos yet.