UFC 217: Bisping vs. St-Pierre LIVE!



Gall in his corner got zero technical advice. That's no good. Round 2.

Gall with a nice jab and gets off an uppercut. Gall goes for a takedown but Brown manages to sprawl, and the attempt is so sloppy Brown is on top in side control. Gall with a phenomenal sweep reverse to his own side control. Brown throws an illegal upkick but the ref let's it go. Gall advances and looks for the back.

Brown pulls guard again. His bottom game is much better than I thought it would be, but Gall passes into side control again.

Short shots from Gall, who's looking for the mounted crucifix.

Brown able to pull guard again as Gall tries to get up a pass into mount. Gall back into side control. Brown looking tired.

Gall gets the mounted crucifix briefly. Brown defending quite well, but not able to escape. Gall goes for a top guillotine.

Brown again able to pull guard. Gall passes to side and then mount, but Brown able to slip out the back door. Good grappling round. 10-9 Gall. 19-19 overall.

Brown gets loads of technical advice from his corner. Big difference in the coaching from what we've seen on TV.

Brown misses an uppercut, but Gall goes to his back and Brown catches him with a big shot! Tries some ground and pound to follow up. Not a huge amount lands, but Brown is on top in his guard.

Brown using the cage well to not allow Gall any space to sweep.