Deontay Wilder vs. Bermane Stiverne LIVE!



Enough jibber jabber. Here is your chance to see the end of the fight... Credit where it's due, Wilder landed some scary shots in these exchanges


Hello there everyone. World heavyweight title boxing ahead for you as WBC champion Deontay Wilder looks to follow AJ and not just defend his belt but do so in style. His opponent tonight? The man he took the belt from, and the only man to survive 12 rounds with Wilder, Bermane Stiverne. All the action as it unfolds for you, live and free with me Alistair Sargent.

Couple bouts to come for you before then. Before we get to Deontay we'll see Shawn Porter vs Adrian Granados in welterweight action, and Sergey Lipinets vs Akihiro Kondo for the vacant IBF super-lightweight title.

So we begin the night with the undefeated Lipinets vs Kondo for the IBF 140lb world title, recently vacated by Terrence Crawford. Konda has 6 defeats in 29 fights, Lipinets yet to lose in his previous 12 and a big favourite for this one.

And off we go...

Rnd 1: Lipinets looking to work from behind a sturdy looking left jab. Kondo on the front-foot but Lipinets displaying good defence to slip and slide and duck and dive out of danger for most of the round. Lipinets with a couple of good body shots at the top of the final minute but that is a fairly non-descript opening round.

This of course was one of the four titles won by Terrence Crawford in the 140lb division. The IBF said he must immediately defend against Lipinets, he had no intention of fighting again so soon, let alone in the super-lightweight division so the belt was vacated. He has since given up the WBO title and it is a matter of time before he does the same with the WBA and WBC belts.

Rnd 2: Kondo finding it hard to find Lipinets. He's having to work very hard and throw a lot of shots to have any success. He's keeping his guard tight and slowly coming forward. Neither man opening up. Lipinets backed up on the rope and twice uses the uppercut, but neither shot is too accurate. Another round in the bag. Another non-event. Difficult to assess how these will be scored.

Rnd 3: Lipinets taking his time. Boxing behind the jab, couple of body shots when he does open up, looking to wear down Kondo. Terrible round. Terrible fight. I've got up at 1am for this lads, any chance you could do something!?

Rnd 4: Lipinets looks composed and patient. Kondo doing little to worry him. Left hand on the inside from Lipinets as Kondo walks straight at him. Nothing coming from Kondo, Lipinets offering little in terms of taking the fight to his opponent. Body shots traded at the top of the final minute. Kondo steps in with a left hand but is countered with a right hook to the ribs. Dire stuff.

In my eyes Lipinets is winning this fight but it's poor entertainment. "You're trying too hard for the knockout" says Lipinets' corner. If this is him being pro-active for the KO I'd hate to see him fighting defensively!!