Papua New Guinea


Rugby L


Another good morning from the Rugby League World Cup, which this morning takes us to Papua New Guinea. Ireland were superb last week in turning over a much-fancied Italy, while PNG were brutal in battering Wales. This should be good.

PNG are favourites, unsurprising given their huge home advantage and excellent showing against Wales, but then so were Italy. They have NRL stars like David Mead, Nene Macdonald and James Segeyaro, but watch out for number 7 Ase Boas - he was the little ringleader last week.

Speaking of diminutive ringleaders: Liam Finn was every bit as impressive in kicking Italy to pieces in Cairns and will try to do the same this morning. In front of him is an all Super League pack marshalled by Micky McIlorum, dickhead in chief.

I just got a tweet liked by Barrie McDermott - 2000 World Cup Ireland rep, of course - from 2 hours ago. Anyone know what the great man was up to at 4am?

(Well, aside from liking the tweets of itinerant German sports journalists...)

My stream kicks in post anthems and Ireland are already in their huddle, getting ready. PNG are chest bumping and looked fired up.

0' Away we go! Ireland kick to PNG.

1' Not a great start for PNG as one of the Boas brothers kicks and it goes out on the full. Full disclosure: I'm Irish, my Da used to coach Ireland RL and I will be biased. Also full disclosure: My stream has no commentary and I've only seen PNG once, so expect misidentifications.

1' Ireland are on the attack, but throw a loose offload and a Kumul drops on it.

2' And a penalty out too, Singleton I think (presume...)