US Sports Night 8th November


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Philly reasserting themselves in the first four minutes of the second half. Lead is back up to 10 points for the 76ers. PHI 59 UTAH 49 (8:21 08:24 Q3)

Philly pulling away from the Jazz now, although a 3 pointer forces the 76ers to take a time out and trims the leadt to 16 with under 4 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. PHI 72 UTAH 56

Utah are chipping away at he Sixers lead and have given themselves a shot as we go into the 4th quarter. The Jazz are now just 9 points behind. END OF 3rd QUARTER PHILADELPHIA 80 UTAH 71

12 point ball game as we enter the final 6 minutes of the match. Looks like Philly should hold on to win it but the Jazz still have a chance. PHI 90 UTAH 78

Utah have a plan and it is to keep on fouling. Philly are awful from the free throw line and the Jazz are happy to give up the chances, nibbling away at the lead. It's down to 10 points inside the last 3 minutes PHI 96 UTAH 86 (2:33 Q4)

The Jazz got it back within 3 points inside the final minute as Philadelphia threatened to blow a huge lead, but they managed to hang on and win. Ben Simmons furhter enhanced his rookie of the year credentials with a double double (16pts 13 rebounds) as the Sixers win it by 7. FINAL SCORE PHIALDELPHIA 76ers 104 UTAH JAZZ 97

Last game of the night is a wierd one in Sacramento where the Kings scored just 10 points in the first quarter against Oklahoma City but somehow lead it by 9 in the 4th quarter. With 10 minutes to go its OKC 60 Sacramento 69

The Thunder are really struggling here but have pulled within 5 points of the Kings. Russell Westbrook has only scored 15 points on the night and is 5 of 14 from the floor, but still leads the Thunder in scoring. Buddy Hield off the bench has led the Kings with 15 and the Kings bench has been the difference in this one so far outscoring the Thunder 37-13 OKC 66 SAC 73 (8:15 Q4)

This game is crazy. The Thunder are now within a point after a 14-6 run in the last 4 minutes. can they pull off a come from behind win? OKC 76 SAC 77 (4:07 Q4)

Inside 2 minutes and the KIngs lead by 7