The Apprentice



Good evening! Hope you're ready for another episode of The Apprentice. Caroline aka @toongirl83, here to describe the action as usual. Tonight, the teams are challenged to put on coach tours around Belgium. Not sure what that has to do with being Alan Sugar's business partner, but whatever. What could possibly go wrong?

Week Six. The dreaded phone call comes at 5am. They are going to Southampton docks and they have to pack an overnight bag. Exciting!

Southampton is home to the country's largest cruise ship, Britannia. Sugar appears on a monitor, like a Bond villain. The teams have to run tours around Belgium, sell tickets, etc. Customers can ask for refunds if they're not happy. After a bit of swapping the teams around, they're off

Sarah Jayne is elected PM of Graphene. Elizabeth is PM of Vitality. Elizabeth?! Really? Sarah Jayne wants their tour to go with a historical theme, Elizabeth wants to go more modern.

Elizabeth wants to do a walking tour, and asks the others to learn facts about Bruges to pass on to the lucky punters. Joanna warns her it might be boring, Elizabeth completely ignores her. On Graphene, Sarah Jayne asks Anisa to lead her tour and learn all the historical facts. Lots of faffing about as they plan a route.

Both sub teams have to try and sell tickets to the public. Graphene are trying to sell tour on the basis of a beer tasting they've arranged. Beer and lots of it. Tickets are selling though. £85 a ticket! You'd have to be pissed. On Vitality, Elizabeth's tour involves Segways, modern architecture and a pony and trap ride. Fun.

Half of each team will run their tours and the other half will charge for the beer tasting and for Vitality, a chocolate tasting. Anisa's feeling anxious, because she has a lot to learn and not a lot of time to do it. Vitality have sold all their tickets, for half the price of Graphene's.

Next day. Elizabeth addresses her punters like a teacher, asking them if they need the toilet, etc. Graphene are a lot more upbeat. Their punters look like they're having fun.

Apparently, "Oy-Oy" is hello in Flemish. At least that's what Elizabeth thinks. After a strong start, Graphene are a bit lost, looking for St Johns Hospital. On the sub-team, Michaela gets a good deal on the beer for their tasting. Joanna gets 5% off on chocolates for Vitality's chocolate tasting

Elizabeth is worried about time and wants to get her punters around quickly. "She's like a headmistress on a school trip," says Claude. In other news, Graphene's tour are still lost.