Rugby L


Hello, hello, hello. It's a Group decider between Fiji and Italy! I'm excited.

0' Italy start the game, I'm still arguing with my HDMI cable.

3' We're in the game! I just bought a new telly so it needed some setting up...

4' Italy very much on top, by the way.

5' Fiji get into the Italian end for the first time after a succession of penalties. Rob Hicks is reffing, so expect to hear that a lot.

6' Campese kicks and it bamboozles Vunivalu, bouncing in the field of play. It could go anywhere, but unfortunately for Italy, it bounces backwards into touch for the loss of a few yards.

7' Fiji lose the ball into an Italian and the Azzurri will get the ball on the Fijian 40.

9' Another penalty, a second of the game for obstruction. Rob Hicks loves an obscure one.

9' Ashton Sims passes to Tui Kamikamica unnecessarily and he drops it.