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Rob on Wedges Normal golfers, sharing what works for them! Having the ability to practice chipping in your garden has its benefits! Here we take a brief look at the loft of wedges and what I feel works consistently. Cleveland RT-X3 wedges, with 50 / 54 / 58 degrees of loft.

10 balls with each wedge – just to show how each wedge performs off basically the same length swing. 58 wedge – fly’s the ball high (off camera) with little roll out. 54 wedge – fly’s the ball but lower than the 58 with a tad more roll out. 50 wedge – low flying and rolls out more than half way.

In summary, and obviously these are just my thoughts! I ALWAYS get the ball rolling as early as possible. The more loft you have the more you rely on the bounce or the conditions. It could be wet and land soft or hard and bounce hard.

Give it a try around the green; hit some balls with each wedge – even a 9 iron. I bet you will be more consistent on the ground than through the air. Find out what works FOR YOU! Unless you’re Phil Mickelson!