Rugby L


Australia v Lebanon might seem like a mismatch. In truth, it will probably end up as such. In on a day in which - before breakfast - a 1/7 favourite has lost and a 1/200 favourite has drawn, the 1/1000 favourites here can't possibly stuff it up? If Lebanon win, I'm going for breakfast at Milliways.

Both teams are through, barring an unlikely French win over England. This is, on paper, a dead rubber, but there's far more at stake than mere points. This is the biggest game in Lebanese rugby league history and for many of the squad, raised in Australia, a huge deal. On the other side, Kangaroos will want to stake a claim for the latter stages. Places are up for grabs.

One man going for a place, by the way, is Lebanese-Australian Josh Mansour. This is as big a day for him as it is for any of the Lebanese-Australians playing for Lebanon. That's why I've taken him to score, of course. 2/7 ain't great odds, but it's bound to happen isn't it?

0' Anthems done, ref is wee Jimmy Child, Lebanon get us going!

0' Kick off straight to Mansour - who sticks a foot into touch and catches on the full. We go back for a penalty. Not an ideal start.

1' Smith dribbles a kick for Cronk, shovelled behind. Drop out.

2' James Maloney drops the ball under little pressure. Lebanon defended well there.

4' Minor technical issue as my dog pulls the internet cable out.


I missed it because my dog pulled out the internet cable. But Cameron Munster scored.