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Good morning/good evening all you rabid rugby fans out there eagerly awaiting this mouthwatering clash between the Mighty Irish and the Springboks. I'm @doreguymike and I am bringing you this instalment of the November series from @StAlbertrugby. A cathedral close to the Rockie Mountains. Watch the full match on demand here!

This will be the 26th meeting between these titans. The record stands Boks 18, Ireland 6, 1 draw. That draw was in 1970. ( I was a small boy in short pants back then !) However comparing the team records since the start of the 2016 season, Irelands WLD is 12-7-1, and the Boks are 9-10-2. and Ireland lost 2 squeakers on their 2016 tour of SA.

Ireland team news

Frantically trying to track down a snapshot of the Springboks but I am not well connected with them so far. !!!!

Not happening and I will have to wing it. I know a couple of them, as in the Beast winning his 95th or 6th cap. The anthems are on now and I will not be taking a knee while they are being sung.

No knees in the St. Albert Rugby Club either.

Fabulous day for the Irish, especially Bundee Aki, a powerful Islander who is now Irish. Irelands backs look powerful. The ref is my late mothers 2nd cousin, Ben O'Keeffe. Peep peep. And we are off.

Sexton clears his lines immediately and a powerful kick to halfway. Groucho Marx w the put in.

Oosthuizen, 3, is down already after a crushing tackle by Aki on half way. What a way to start your international career. The replay shows his MCL being whipped. Bad luck for the Boks.

Scrum Ireland on the Boks 10 metre line. No. Its a Boks put in.