Shaun Murphy

Luca Brecel



Good evening. Mel (@MissMelanie_H) back to cover the second semi-final between Shaun Murphy and Luca Brecel. Shaun Murphy beat Michael White 6-4 on Tuesday and Luca Brecel shocked Mark Selby on Wednesday also winning 6-4. Whoever wins today will face an in form Ronnie O'Sullivan tomorrow - he beat Anthony Hamilton 6-2 yesterday.

This is another best of 11 frame match (before the 17 frame final tomorrow). Murphy and Brecel have had some really good matches in the past. The most recent being in the final of the China Championship that Brecel won to win his maiden ranking event.

The players are being introduced to the crowd - Brecel first and then Murphy.

SM 1 - 0 LB (0-0) Handshake between the two and then Brecel breaks off. The head to head is tied at 4-4. Who will go into the lead tonight? Murphy pots a long red.

SM 4 - 1 LB (0-0) However the second mid-range red is missed. Nothing left on for Brecel and he plays an excellent safety. I have been a Brecel fan for years (since before be turned pro) but I also enjoy watching Murphy when he is in attacking form. Brecel opens his account with a red into left centre but has no colour.

SM 4 - 9 LB (0-0) Murphy makes the safety mistake when he cannons various reds leaving Brecel in the balls. He plays on the pink as the black is tight on the bottom cushion. He plays it next shot and misses.

SM 4 - 14 LB (0-0) Murphy cannot pot a red to left centre. Brecel goes for a double/safety shot. He doesn't get the pot but the safety is good. Murphy tries a speculative pot on and this time there is an easier red on for Brecel.

SM 4 - 41 LB (0-0) Brecel nudges the reds a little when potting the black to make the next shot easier. There are two reds on the right cushion. He is having to pull out some good pots to keep the break going.

SM 4 - 70 LB (0-0) Brecel clears the loose reds first rather than playing on the two near the pocket. He opens them off the pink when he has no choice and has one on which is well potted.

SM 0 - 0 LB (0-1) He is not on the last red but Murphy concedes anyway after a 68 break from Brecel.