Track World Cup - Manchester



Good evening everyone. @TimBonvilleGinn here for the return of LIVE cycling to, not only that, it's a return to the press box for my self. Yes I'm here in Manchester. I'm amazed this is the first time I've seen racing on this track. Very different to London and Glasgow that is for sure.

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

Awesome! Have a great evening, Tim!

Tim Bonville-Ginn

Cheers Sue

Anyway, we start with the Men's Sprint Semis. That is followed by the women's Keirin. Just waiting for the riders to be allowed out on track as it turns 18:30 here.

Buchli vs Lavreysen. Buchli is riding for a none international team, Team Beat. Whereas, Lavreysen is riding for the Netherlands. We are underway.

And they are on the far side of the track, They thought about a track stance but pulled out. Little flicks and jumps and they go, final lap, Lavreysen flying round and he takes it by a bike. The fastest rider this morning shows he has kept that form.

Up next, Matthew Glaetzer v Mateusz Rudyk of Australia and Poland respectively. Glaetzer has to be the favourite here. The Aussie has the back position. Rudyk ups the pace but Glaetzer kicks, its shoulder to shoulder! Wow Rudyk takes it on the line!!

Very fast passed schedule here, women's keirin up now. This first round sees Brit interest with Katy Marchant and World Champ Kristina Vogel. This should be a tough one. Morton, Braspennicx, Podmore and Maeda are the other riders.

The derny sets off. The gun sounds and makes everyone in here jump, we are racing. Marchant almost at the back, if it wasn't for the World Champ, Vogel, being on her wheel.

The derny swings off. Morton moves up very very early. But here comes Vogel, final lap and the World champ has a good lead and she wins by a bike length ahead of Morton. Marchant goes out as I think she will be concentrating on other events tonight. Braspennicx also through.

Van Ressen, Voinova, Mustapa, Gaxiola, Kobayashi and the very well known Lithuanian, Simona Krupeckaite are in this 2nd semi. The derny sets off and we are racing.

Krupeckaite takes up the middle position, could be the right place for her. Voinova could be a challenger at the back for Russia. The derny pulls off, And here goes Krupeckaite, Voinova now coming round.