Shaun Murphy

Ronnie O'Sullivan



Good afternoon and welcome to the final of the Champion of Champions. Will Ronnie O'Sullivan or Shaun Murphy be crowned the Champion tonight? I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). O'Sullivan beat Anthony Hamilton 6-2 (but won the last 6 frames in a row). Murphy had a tougher match against Luca Brecel but beat him 6-4 in the end.

The final is over two sessions (and I will be here for second starting at 7pm UK as well). It is the best of 19 frames. O'Sullivan has made the final every time he has got to the tournament. He lost to John Higgins last year but won in 2014 and 2013. This is the first time that Murphy has won a match at the tournament! He is playing well this year but O'Sullivan is on fire.

After a fantastic montage, the players are introduced to the arena. O'Sullivan first and then Murphy. They play 9 frames this afternoon before as possible 10 tonight.

SM 0 - 0 ROS (0-0) Handshake and photo with the trophy before O'Sullivan breaks off.

SM 9 - 0 ROS (0-0) The both open the reds up a little and O'Sullivan makes the first mistake catching a red on the cushion. Nice starter for Murphy and he is just about on the black. Good shot.

SM 23 - 0 ROS (0-0) He is out of position of the black and leaves O'Sullivan right in the balls. Or not as he misses the red! Murphy picks up where he left off.

SM 31 - 6 ROS (0-0) Murphy tries to play a red through the bunch but the hit another which throws the red off and he misses. O'Sullivan complaining about a camera distracting him. Safety meanwhile. O'Sullivan pots a long red to get in but not great on the blue. Potted anyway.

SM 31 - 14 ROS (0-0) The next red is not potable and he plays safe off one on the bottom cushion. Murphy then hits the blue on his safety shot and O'Sullivan punishes him with a tough long red.

SM 31 - 69 ROS (0-0) There are a few tough reds for O'Sullivan - one on the left cushion and two that are close together. He leaves them to last and manages to free another red. The black is frame ball but he also cannons the final red into position. Down it goes.

SM 0 - 0 ROS (0-1) He clears the table to take the first frame with a 97 break.