Track World Cup - Manchester



Good afternoon everyone! @TimBonvilleGinn back again here in Manchester for the final session on competition here at the Manchester Tissot UCI World Cup meet. We have seen some fabulous racing on this amazing track, it always seems to live up to the hype here. We have the women's sprint up first, this includes big favourite and World Champ, Kristina Vogel!

Vogel will face Shanne Braspennicx. The Dutch woman has been superb at this meet, but can she better the seemingly untouchable Vogel? Well, they're away and we are racing. Slow start as you would expect.

Braspennicx has upped the pace, she's propped on the front, she forces Vogel high, she tries to dip down, here they go, final lap, but Vogel simply has too much kick and that was an easy win for the World champion.

Up next is a tough match up, Van Ressen for Team Miltag Pro Cycling and Voinova of Russia. Van Ressen has been in excellent form too, she takes the front, which is interesting, maybe she is confident as Voinova hasn't shown the form here, here they go, Voinova coming over the top but only got half way up Van Ressen as the Dutch woman takes the opening match of a possible three.

Up next, we have the men's keirin, we saw a big crash in the women's keirin yesterday that took out half the field. Hopefully we won't see that today. Buchli, Truman, Bottasso, Rajkowski, Lafargue and Peralta are racing this one. Off we go, top three go through.

Truman of GBR takes the wheel of the derny, Lafague is the man I'm going for, he knocked Babec out in the heats, last year's winner of course. Derny pulls off and Truman is propped on the front, not where he wants to be, so he attacks, here comes Lafargue, ah no he's boxed, Truman leading all the way and he takes it!

Truman, Buchli and Rajkowski go through to the final with a big surprise that Peralta and Lafargue both go out. Talk about commentators curse!!

In the 2nd semi we see the world champion, Azizul Awang of Malaysia, face Glaetzer, Eilers, Vynokurov, Castle and Nitta of Australia, Germany, Ukraine, New Zealand and Japan! Off they go.

Glaetzer being greedy with competing in this and the kilo! The Aussie sits on the derny's wheel, Awang, who was warming up for a long time earlier, sits at the back, Castle pushes up and Awang joins him.

Eilers coming up now, here comes Awang, he hasn't got the kick and its Glaetzer, Vynokourov and Nitta! I am amazed that Awang and Eilers are out! What on earth! Four top top riders out. The world keirin champion is out.