Brazilian GP



Good afternoon folks. It's Sunday...

Lots to chat about for this one, the Brazilian GP, the final race of the season on a decent track. Where shall we start? Future engines? Massa's retirement (again)? Alonso's Daytona & Le Mans ambitions? Grid penalties? Renault & Toro Rosso falling out? Tax & VAT refunds?

Actually, let's ignore all that shall we? This will be a cracker of a race for, mostly, there's nothing at stake but there's a lot of fun to be had.

Ok, a little bit on grid penalties: some drivers have them 'cause they changed some bits on their cars. And Lewis will start from the pitlane for he stuck his car into the wall during Q1 and they've had to break parc fermé to stick it back together again.

That, of course, means that he can't get a few cheap passes in off the grid. Should be fun to watch.

Up front, it's between Bottas, the Ferraris and maybe baby Max. Bernie's here and he reckons a win for a Ferrari driver. Me too, Vettel to be precise. You?

Race starts in <20 mins, I'll be back for that. I'm @grahamterris by the way, feel free to stop me and chat if you wish. The button is over there -->

Uh oh... Ferrari mechanics are under the hood on Kimi's car.

Here's a front six to excite.... Bottas Vettel Raikkonen Verstappen Perez Alonso Tighten your belts!

Rain? No Tyres? Medium, Soft & Supersoft - one or two stops, probably one Temp? f'n hot apparently