Alexander Zverev
6 3 6

Marin Cilic
4 6 4



For anyone who wants an idea of what's currently happening in the doubles match, here you go!

Right, hello everyone! Anna here (@annalogue_x), and I'll be taking you through this hopefully thrilling encounter between Sascha Zverev, and Marin Cilic. This is the second round robin match of Group B, with Roger Federer beating Jack Sock earlier. The top 2 players from each group will go through to the semis, so it's all to play for!

So, the head-to-head between these 2 is 3-1, in Zverev's favour, but the end of the year can always bring up some interesting results, so we shall have to see!

Here we go, walk-out time! We always get some really interesting music at the World Tour Finals, and I am seriously glad they've changed it this year, because it's been the exact same for about the past 3.

Damien Dumusois the umpire, and Marin Cilic wins the coin toss.

If they could tell me who's serving first, that would be FAB.

Right, it's Marin, thank you to my scores app.

Some characteristic big hitting from both men to start, and the point ends in an unlucky net cord for Cilic; 0-15. Big second serve! 15-all. Some great angles on the Zverev backhand; 15-30. Cilic following up with some nice angles of his own; 30-all.

A MASSIVE return off the second serve, and Zverev has BREAK POINT.

Cilic finds a big first serve at just the right time; DEUCE. A longer rally ensues, and Cilic fires a forehand wide; BREAK POINT.