Rafael Nadal
6 7 4

David Goffin
7 6 6



Good evening and welcome to coverage of Rafael Nadal v David Goffin from the O2 in London. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). Kubot & Melo have just beaten Dodig & Granollers to seal the World number 1 spot at the end of the year.

I am a Goffin fan and hope he does well tonight. That will very much depend on whether Nadal's knee holds up. In some ways, I wouldn't object to it causing issues (as I am not his biggest fan) but on the other hand, I would like a competitive match. What are your predictons? Let me know by clicking on "be first" or "reply" depending on what you are reading this on.

In terms of the head to head - Nadal leads 2-0 and has never dropped a set to Goffin. However both were on clay and we all know how good Nadal is on that surface.

Interviews from both - Goffin first saying he will need to play his own game against the world number 1. Nadal is taking his time to come out his dressing room but here he is. He says he is excited to be back as he didn't play here last year.

The players are introduced to the crowd - Goffin first and then Nadal. It's clear who the crowd want to win based on the cheers for Nadal. I guess I am in a minority here!

Nadal won the coin toss and decides to serve.

Nadal 1 - 0 Goffin (0-0) Goffin starts well - passing Nadal when he comes to net. Goffin then nets the return. Ace. He takes the next as well. A rally won by Goffin when Nadal nets a ball. Wonderful ball down the line from Goffin when he gets Nadal moving. Deuce. Unreturned serve. Nadal takes the game when Goffin goes long.

Nadal 1 - 1 Goffin (0-0) Both players seem to be moving okay in the longer rallies at the moment. Goffin misses the court after another one. Nadal goes wide from a backhand. Ace. Unreturned serve. He takes the game to 15.

Nadal 1 - 2 Goffin (0-0) Long from Nadal after a 2nd serve. Nadal goes cross-court but Goffin gets there. A smash takes the point. Down the line on the return from Goffin - what a shot! Nadal mishits and Goffin has break points. Nadal goes long and we have a slightly surprising break!

Nadal 1 - 3 Goffin (0-0) Long from Nadal. Double fault. Ace. Ace. Good to see that Goffin's serve is on form. Ace to seal the game.