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Hey hey kids. @aidanleape here. And I'm nervous. Very nervous. Thanks for coming along and biting your nails with me. It's Ireland v Denmark for place 30 at the 2018 World Cup. It was 2002 since we last hit the global stage, with Roy Keane, the dog and all that. Who fancies another crack? I sure do. Teams are out on the pitch. As you'd expect, it's a pretty perky atmosphere.

Let's get you the teams then. One change for the hosts. David Meyler returns.

Denmark's team. Their FA's Twitter Game isn't quite on it...

Away we go then. 90 minutes from glory. Hopefully. 0-0 (0)

Don't mean to be that downbeat fella, but Away Goals do count double. Get that panic out the way early. Denmark on the front foot early here. Eriksen to swing in a free kick. Meyler gets his head on it. Off it came like a 50p piece, but it's right into the paws of Randolph. 0-0 (2)

Going to be honest. Not a great start this. I wanted some settled nerves. I now have no fingernails. 0-0 (5)


I DON'T NORMALLY SWEAR, BUT YOU FUCKING BEAUTY. Free kick from half way is floated in by Brady. One of the Danish defenders floats a foot at it, and it balloons on towards goal. Shane Duffy hurls himself at it, gets there before the punch of Schmeichel, and nods it in. 1-0 (6)

Duffy goal

Strangely now more nervous. Anyway, the good news is, there is no extra time tonight. Cue 83 more minutes of backs to the wall turgid terror. If it works, it'll be gorgeous. 1-0 (8)