Roger Federer
7 5 6

Alexander Zverev
6 7 1



Good evening everyone! Sue Revell (@makeyourbigleap) to bring you this evening's coverage of Roger Federer vs Alexander Zverev! The match we've all been waiting for? One of them, that's for sure!

Roger being interviewed about his opponent on route to the court - very impressed with the speed of Sascha's rise and break through, particularly over the last year. They have met on four previous occasions and tonight will be their first meeting indoors!

The head-to-head is 2-2. They both have a win on grass in Halle (how very dare you, Sascha!), Federer has beaten Zverev on clay back in 2016, and their last meeting was a hard court win for Sascha in the Montreal final - straight sets too! Can he work some young gun magic here at the O2..... I'd love it if he does!

Damien Dumusois is tonight's chair umpire. The coin toss is won by Roger and he elects to serve first. None of the commentators are prepared to pick Zverev for the win tonight. Go Sascha. Go Sascha. Go Sascha! Here we go!

Clean start from Zverev - first on the board. Rog dumps a volley in the net and Sascha is 0-30 up. Big serve down the T, but it's out. A wayward forehand from Roger and Alexander Zverev has THREE break points to start!

ACE! Goes for a big serve out wide - too wide. Rinse and repeat for serve no two and it doesn't come back. 30-40 The next return goes long. DEUCE.

Zverev can only shake his head as he clubs a forehand into the net and Roger has the advantage. Firmly back in control. Big serve down the T..... goes long. Next point is Roger's. A HUGE hold from 0-40 down! RF 1 - 0 AZ

Zverev looking unsettled after losing that big advantage. Federer quickly two points up. 0-30 Fabulous first serve down the T. That's not coming back! 15-30 Fed quickly into the net on the drop shot - hits it long. 30-30 A rare backhand miss from Federer for 40-30 A poor forehand from Zverev finds the net and it's DEUCE!

Sascha gets the advantage - can he keep it? Nope. A drop shot from Federer and the response goes wide. Deuce. This time the advantage goes to the World No 2. The Zverev forehand is far from firing on all cylinders right now! An ACE to get back to deuce, another ACE for advantage. A fantastic finish for Zverev! RF 1 - 1 AZ

Not much to trouble Federer in the first couple of points in the next game. Another big serve doesn't come back and Roger has a 40-0 lead. Finishes with an ACE! That was a VERY quick hold to love. RF 2 - 1 AZ