The Apprentice



Week 7 is here and surely we have to see at least a double firing. Eleven candidates left in the competition with only 6 episodes left ! Here is a recap of the story so far

Week 1 Flogging burgers Boys can’t cook, can’t sell and generally dick around and get soundly thumped by the girls. PM Danny got the bullet

Week 2 Hotel Redesign Teams packed off to Stoke Park Golf Club to create a new room type for their luxury hotel. Both rooms ended up looking like Premier Inns for colour blind people Break dancing Jeff got his marching orders for cocking up the figures

Week 3 Robot Wars Boys joined by Michaela who was also PM didn’t fare much better as they couldn’t even get the name of their robot right to flog to All to the retailers Elliott was fired for being a complete waste of space

Week 4 Wembley corporate box One team got everyone lashed and one team bought enough drink for a typical AA meeting The drunk team (mis)led by wedding planner Siobhan lost and she was dismissed

Week 5 Alan’s birthday Buy various items for his birthday around London Don’t think anyone had been to the nations capital before as they ended up trooping around for a Spurs scarf most of the time Dullard Ross got fired for being well dull

Week 6 Bruges Another disaster for Brits in Belgium as Elizabeth took the reigns for her tour which resembled a frog march around a concentration camp. Other team was equally as bad and Charles somehow survived despite being permanently lost. His PM Sarah Jayne carried the can as she delegated so brillantly she then did nothing

Right here we go with week 7

They are at the Ford Plant in Dagenham ..Not exactly Maranello

They are both getting a brand new motor each to market and plan an ad