The Alex Salmond Show: Minute-By-Minute

UK Politics


It's been the talk of Scottish politics over the past week since the announcement that former First Minister Alex Salmond would be hosting his own show on Putin love in channel Russia Today. But we've only one question here at it any good? Let's find out. I'm Roddy Graham and this is the Alex Salmond Show: Minute-By-Minute. CUE THE MUSIC!

After a quick introduction, Salmond reads some tweets and emails out. Let's just say it's not the most charismatic of starts in truth. A wee gag about getting Trump and Kim Jong-Un on the show for a joint interview was about as good as the emails got. Tried to defend his decision about having the show on RT by saying it gives him "total editorial control". So if it's rubbish, he's made it rubbish!

STATE YOUR CASE! This is apparently a regular feature of the show. Baroness Helena Kennedy QC is the first guest on this. Her "case" is for equality in parliament in terms of men to women ratios. Wonder if Jezza Corbyn will be happy enough with a Labour member appearing on this show?

Next is a section on the SNP's decision to pardon gay men convicted of sam-sex offences in Scotland and to formally apologise in Parliament. This part is hosted by Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, another former SNP MP. Seems to be that if you lost your seat in the 2017 election north of the border, you'll get a wee role on this show.

This has been a very topical start to the show. And there's not been a single mention of independence yet either. It's almost as if Salmond is getting on with the new day job... Salmond has got a huge scoop though for his main interview this week. It's only Catalonia's own Carles Puigdemont! Apparently this was filmed at a secret location in Belgium earlier in the week.

Puigdemont is speaking very comfortably in English. You can only imagine if this was the Carles Puigdemont show and Salmond attempted Catalan. Just repeatedly asking for the biggest bottle of whisky possible. Something for Alex to work on next time...his interview stance. He's leaning in quite aggressively. Quite off-putting. Or should that be off-Putin...

Puigdemont condemns the violence that took place on the day of the Catalan referendum. Wants to discuss with the Spanish government what is to happen next. Is committed to these talks taking place peacefully and democratically. Says it wasn't a party when the declaration of independence was made. It was a day of honour. Very compelling interview this.

Certainly seems from these words that Puigdemont is dedicated to getting another referendum to happen. A real one this time. Not just a phony one like their one a month or so ago. Calls on Rajoy to talk to him to get these negotiations started. Have a feeling that will fall on deaf ears...

HAHA! Salmond says that President Rajoy can have the right to reply on his chair next week. That's his best line of the week. Says he's never called for Catalan independence as it's a matter for the Catalan people. Wee monologue at the end of the show to sum up his thoughts on the Catalonia situation. And that's a wrap. Will try and sum up my thoughts on the show next...

It was a rather weak start with the emails and tweets section not really doing much to grab my attention. It improved a lot from there though. Tackling some important, topical issues and topped off with a scoop in the Puigdemont interview. How come no other UK journalists have managed to speak to him since he fled to Belgium? Almost laughable that a rookie like Salmond can bag him.