Roger Federer
6 3 4

David Goffin
2 6 6



Helllooooo everyone, ready for some semi-final action from London? It's Anna here (@annalogue_x), and I'll be taking you through this match between Roger Federer and David Goffin. Roger is 3-0 this week, and David is 2-1. If you have any predictions, feel free to share them below. I'll try to keep my bias to myself!

Play should be getting underway at around 2pm, so very soon, and is actually being televised on BBC 2 if you feel so inclined!

Tennis TV seem to be trying something new here...

Right, here we go. BBC have the most random montage for this, but sure, we'll go with it.

So Andrew Castle has predicted a Federer-Dimitrov final, anyone else?

Roger wins the coin toss, and he has chosen to receive.

For anyone who hasn't yet watched this, you're missing out;

Goffin to serve.

Federer really early on the return there, and Goffin can't quite get it back in court; 0-15. Beautiful backhand winner from Federer! Right down the line! 0-30. ACE from Goffin; 15-30. Ooooh, Goffin goes for a forehand at the net, but pushes it wide; TWO BREAK POINTS.

Goffin pulling Federer out wide with the forehand, and it works; 30-40. GREAT first serve! We're back at DEUCE!