Roger Federer
6 3 4

David Goffin
2 6 6



Ooh, a mishit from Goffin off the return; 0-15. Goffin doing a good job of pushing Federer back in the court; 15-all. Great first serve! 30-15. BEAUTIFUL backhand down the line from Federer; 30-all.

BEAUTIFUL DROPSHOT FROM GOFFIN! 40-30. A mishit off the Federer backhand, and Goffin gets the hold!

Good serve from Federer; 15-0. Federer goes wide himself; 15-all. Goffin goes long on the return; 30-15. Goffin gets Federer out of position on the forehand, and he draws the error; 30-all.

LOVELY NET PLAY FROM FEDERER! Followed by a BIIIIG COME ON! 40-30. Federer fires a forehand wide; DEUCE.

Great first serve! ADV Federer. Federer nets; DEUCE.

Some lovely dipping shots from Federer; ADV. Annnnd he nets AGAIN. For goodness sake Rog, DEUCE.

MASSIVE return from Goffin, and it's BREAK POINT.

Wooooow! Goffin makes the pass, AND HE HAS THE BREAK!

Goffin is FLYING now, and a puts away a lovely forehand at the net; 15-0. Federer kindly donates another mishit; 30-0. ACE; 40-0. Annnd that's a great hold to love!

Right, Roger get it together.

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Allez Goffin! LOL! Don't get me wrong, I like Federer but Goffin is a favourite.

Anna Logue

I'll let you away with that since you're a fan ;)