I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!



Evening everyone, who's excited? Well, I am at least! I'm Steph and I'm a Celeb is my favourite of all TV shows, mainly because of Ant and Dec but also because it doesn't matter if you know the participants or not, they're all way out of their comfort zones and we can enjoy watching them suffer. Join me and comment as we go from 9pm right here.

Here we go then, as a vast array of already irritating Christmas adverts passes my eyes this is your lineup for 2017 (a couple more to be chucked in later):

Just like me I'm sure you know some and not others. So glad to see Ant looking good and bridge link is delivered with the usual gusto! Haha, they start with a reference to Ant's little rest break followed by an "Evening Foreign Secretary" before his father (Boris', not Ant) bumbles onto our screens.

Rebekah Vardy tells us people think of her as a bitch! She shouldn't have said that, I wouldn't have had a clue. Vanessa White says most people will recognise her from the Saturdays. Sorry love, not me.

Jamie Lomas I do recognise but not from Hollyoaks, from Dream Team!

Chelsea girl, missed her name. Never on my radar. Anyway, Stanley seems in his element surrounded by all these spiffing young fillies. Ant and Dec arrive to poor cold water on their party and here's the twist, they are being buddied up with partners.

At last, Jennie McAlpine is here, lovely Fizz of that Corrie. My favourite. She's paired with Jamie, lucky lass. Jack Maynard arrives now. YouTube sensation- I have a teenage son so I am aware of his existence. Paired with... Toff - ah that's her name. Apt.

Shappi Khorsandi is delivered by boat. Ace comedian and panel show circuit regular. Paired with... Stanley! She gives a whoop but I'm not sure she meant to! Dennis Wise next. Former footballer who I couldn't stand. He got paired with Rebekah - predictable. That means Amir Kahn (who has never seen the show!) is buddied with Vanessa.

So now they have to do stuff to win stuff to make their lives a bit easier in camp. Or something like that.

Its all a bit polite so far. Dennis and Becky could be fun to watch. Who will get the 1st trial do we think? Shall we all just pile our votes on Stanley to send a message to Boris?

Emperor Slowking


Harvey Waywell

Wise and Vardy...Pass the bucket

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