Labour: The Summer That Changed Everything



Welcome comrades to this bythemin of the UKIP loving BBC's documentary entitled Labour - The Summer That Changed Everything (you know because every decent title has a colon or hyphen nowadays) I'm Hugh Dickinson - hugh_dickinson on Twitter, and this is my first ever bythemin. Don't worry I've done live blogging, satire and unbridled political bias before. See you in 15. I'm not doing Nigella.

Right. Here we go. The summer that changed everything. When Labour went from being 58 seats short to being 54 seats short. When the Tories went from having a tiny unworkable majority to having a tiny unworkable majority with the help of the Plague Rats (copyright Stewart Lee) and when the Lib Dems went from not filling a minibus to filling a minibus.

21:04 - We're speaking to Stephen Kinnock who was one of the few Labour MPs to let the BBC follow him around, presumably to show the smug look on his face when Corbyn was wiped out. Awkward.

21:07 - If you're the sort of person who can't get through an our of left-wing splintering without a drink (I don't blame you) then you can play my drinking game. Take a drink every time an MP changes their tune about Jeremy Corbyn and you'll be sozzled quicker than you can say "who actually are the DUP?"

21:09 - So far from following Ruth Cadbury around we've learnt that members of the public don't like MPs and don't like Jeremy Corbyn. Groundbreaking stuff from the BBC.

21:11 - Theresa May's manifesto is going down like a cup of cold sick picked up off the floor of your local Greggs. It's OK though, because her next big public speech at party conference will be the perfect pick-me-up.

21:14 - And now they've used the phrase "plate of sick." I could have done this for half the price.

21:19 - on to Corbynmania now. Basically he made the groundbreaking discovery that there are left-wing people in the country. It will never win, but when you're the worst of three centrist choices, being different is probably the slightly better sell.

21:21 - There's something beautifully ironic that a superfan of the heir to Lenin has named his daughter Czarina.

21:22 - Sarah Champion becomes the first MP to change her tune as she describes Jeremy Corbyn as a "deity." Stand by for more defections later.