The Apprentice



Hello. Caroline here, aka @toongirl83, to bring you the latest instalment of The Apprentice. There are only a few weeks to go and plenty of candidates left, so tonight could we see the first double - or even triple - firing? Tonight the teams have to run dog care businesses - what could possibly go wrong?

Last week the teams had to promote a brand new car, with Vitality losing after a rubbish Elizabeth driven campaign that saw them end up at a Norman fort to film their advert. Poor old Sarjan got the boot and Elizabeth somehow dodged the bullet, despite being called back in by Lord Sugar. Maybe this is part of the plan - to keep her in until the interviews then let Claude destroy her?!

It's 8am, they're having a lie in! But what's this? Here's Lord Sugar to give them a rude awakening! Some lovely sets of pyjamas on display here. Anyway, to the task. The teams have to take over a doggy day care centre. Team that makes the most profit wins. Simples.

Vitality pick Charles as PM. Graphene choose James. Cos that worked so well last week. Charles picks Andrew as sub team leader, even though he's never had a dog. Anisa's fuming.

The teams have to choose to run either a doggy spa or a dog agility centre. Joanna and Elizabeth check out the spa. The dogs have blueberry facials here. Really. Turns out Joanna's scared of dogs, which isn't a good start. Graphene impress the spa owner with their enthusiasm though

Both teams want the spa. What a surprise. The manager chooses Vitality, so Graphene get the agility centre. Vitality's sub team meanwhile get the glamorous job of a poopa scooping business. Andrew swears in front of the client and only offers to charge £120 for their services. Sarah Jayne is not impressed. Graphene's sub team try their luck but they make a (doggy) mess of it too

Next, both teams ring round to book clients. Bushra has a go at Elizabeth for missing out on the spa. James rings back his poopa scooping client, but she's gone with Vitality. They're delighted. I've never seen people so happy about picking up poo.

Next up for both teams is to bid for a job with a dog portrait firm. Both teams mess up negotiations, as per. Getting worried, James ups the fees for the dog agility class by £10 Meanwhile, Vitality are falling out over job delegation. The sub-team hit the streets to drum up trade for the poopa scooping business

Graphene get the photoshoot contract, finally a win for them. The teams split. They've got eleven hours for the whole task.

Both teams get accessories to sell to maximise profit, including doggy prosecco and a thing that looks like a furry dildo. Really. Check out the picture in my first post. Elizabeth is back in control freak mode, changing all the dog agility equipment round. It's not going any better at the spa - Vitality's first client hasn't shown up