Los Angeles Chargers

Dallas Cowboys



Happy Thanksgiving! And you know what Thanksgiving means? FOOOOTTTBALLLL. After the Vikings moved to 9-2 with a win over the Lions, it is now time for the Chargers and a Cowboys to take centre stage. And long story short, the season will be more or less over in terms of playoff aspirations for whoever loses tonight. Nathan Waywell (@N_Waywell) here for the first part of today’s game, let’s go!

We are underway in the AT&T Stadium, which for me is the best sports stadium in the world. Apart from Old Trafford, obviously.

The big team news for today is the return of Tyron Smith for Dallas, and Dan Bailey the kicker being active. Prescott finds Witten on third down but he cannot get the required yardage and Dallas will punt the ball away.

Rivers finds rookie Hunter Henry on the corner route for a first down straight away. The next play is a loss of three on a rush by Melvin Gordon.

Gordon gets back what he lost on the last play and it will be 3rd & 10. By the way Tony Romo is on commentary today, who has been so far this season incredible in the booth.

46 YARD GAIN ON THE 3RD & 10! Rivers throws a bomb to Travis Benjamin wide open, and the Chargers will be start the next set of downs on the 24 yard line...

On 2nd & 15 Rivers goes underneath to Allen, who is 2 or 3 yards short of picking up a new set of downs. Rivers’ pass is incomplete on 3rd down and here comes the Chargers field goal unit.

Nick Novak to kick.. MISSES WIDE RIGHT FROM 35 YARDS! And the Chargers still haven’t scored on the opening drive this season!

Morris manages to pick up a healthy chunk of yardage on 1st down. Morris carries the ball again on 2nd down and it will now be 3rd & 1...

1st down Dallas. Morris needs a big game today, Dallas need to believe someone else can run the ball for them apart from Elliott. Will he have a big game? Probably not. I hope he proves me wrong though.