Rugby L


It is very, very early in the morning. There is something to be said for getting up at this time for a sporting event, a sense of occasion or whatever, but if I'm honest, I'm not feeling it at the moment. I just rolled out of my scratcher and fired up the telly. Wait - who am I kidding? It's a World Cup Semi Final and I can't bloody wait!

It's England, it's Tonga, it's a huge deal. Australia looked ominous in charging over Fiji yesterday, but either one of these sides will give them a game next week in the We're having anthems in Auckland.

There are plenty, plenty of Tongans there. The place is fully red and white. This is a cauldron for England. That Tongan national anthem was summat else.

The King of Tonga is here. The Queen of England decided against it. The crowd are pumped. The Sipi Tau is spine-tingling. This could be one of the great sporting events of the year, let alone the great rugby league games.

0' Tonga get us going!

1' Confusion as Tonga are pinged for interference at a kick but nobody can hear the ref's whistle and we play on. Eventually, they notice and stop.

3' Terrible England kick but it falls fortunately and McGillvary is almost through - he dumps an offload out the back but straight to a Tongan.

5' Another terrible kick from England, this time Brown (the first was Gale) and it bounces harmlessly into touch.

7' Great set out from England, real yardage work and an early kick from Hodgson. More of that please.

8' Huge break England! Graham with a superb inside pass and Widdop is racing clear! A planned move, executed to perfection. Widdop doesn't have the pace to go by the fullback Hopoate, but Gale forces the repeat set with a nice dink that Fusitu'a can only run into touch.