F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Qualifying





Bottas finally gets his talent back that was semi lacking for the latter half of this season. Can he carry it on for the race? Find out tomorrow on ByTheMinute!

Lewis Hamilton takes 2nd to lock out the front row Vettel takes 3rd, Ricciardo beats Raikkonen for 4th with Verstappen 6th. Hulkenburg has P7 then it's the 2 Force Indias with Perez beating Ocon. Massa rounds out the top 10

Hamilton is 1 tenth up on the first sector. are we about to witness some magic from Lewis? Bottas is slower in the 2nd sector hamilton is 9 Thousandth off. Lewis makes a mistake on the last corner and can't beat Bottas!

The drivers are out for their last runs. Ocon and Bottas are racing for track position but the Finn beats the French wonderkid.

That was a flying lap from Bottas however there's another run still to come so can Lewis Hamilton come back and reclaim the spot he's held throughout Qualifying. There's a huge gap between the Ferrari and Verstappen (around 7 tenths) and a similar gap between Ricciardo and Hulkenburg. Massa meanwhile is having an easy end to his career with a second slower than Perez

Raikkonen sets out a early time of 1:36.9 however Bottas destroys that with a 1:36.2 Hamilton can't compete and is a tenth slower than Bottas. There's half a second between Hamilton and Vettel which is not impressive. The Red Bulls slot in P5 & P6 ahead of Hulkenburg, Ocon, Perez and Massa.

In the background it's been announced earlier this week that Robert Kubica will have a 3rd test with Williams in the post race Test in Abu Dhabi next week. It's looking increasingly likely that he will be in the final Williams seat alongside Lance Stroll however other rumours are including Daniel Kvyat (remember him?) and Pascal Werhlein. Q3 gets underway again!

Those in Q3 are Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Verstsappen, Hulkenburg, Perez, Ocon, Massa In all likelihood the Mercedes will have the front row locked out on their current form however as we've seen last time out in Brazil anything can happen!

Alonso currently on his run but he's slower than Vandoorne. They're in P10 and P11 respectively so this is an important lap before they both go out. Vandoorne cannot improve but neither can Alonso. Sainz splits them both but can only go P11. However out of Nowhere Massa pushes Alonso out of Q2 which means your droppers are P11: Alonso P12: Sainz P13: Vandoorne P14: Magnussen P15: Stroll