Hero Challenge - Tiger Woods Press Conference



It seems that lightning does strike more than once .... or twice......... ACTUALLY three times! Tiger Woods returns this week for the 3rd time after an injury lay off at his own TGR event - Hero World Challenge at Albany, Bahamas He's just finished a press conference, here we'll look at a few of the questions poised to him by the media.

Tiger seemed relaxed, but also had a little glint in his eye. After serious back injuries, he has taken the final step and had a "fusion" = bone on bone. We've been here before, the injury, the lay off, the recovery, the comeback, the breakdown and repeat. Is this time any different to those other come backs?

I think so. Tiger got quizzed extensively on, "What happens next?" "Is he planning on returning full time?" "Does he think he can get back to what he was before?" He even apologised for giving the same answer, "I really don't know!" The first objective is to get through these 4 rounds, and then he'll be in a better position to assess "What happens next!"

In reality, he explained that being "pain free" was strange, and that it was really taking getting used to. He said that even as far back as 2013 he was in almost constant pain, struggling to sit for dinner. Tiger followed this up by saying that he didn't actually realise how much the injury and pain had had an impact on his game. He thought, "I was going for it!"

But, looking back, he's see the winces, and the pain - that he couldn't fully let loose and swing freely. A point was raised that, "How would you feel about feeling pain again?"

Again, very candid he explained that when he was allowed to hit balls again with short irons - he pulled a 9 iron and it went 80 yards! Its clear that Tiger didn't want to push so hard that the cycle was repeated, starting at the breakdown faze, without the usual play, recover ........

At an interview when Tiger was a VC for Presidents Cup, he was asked if he had thought about life without golf, and he answered "Yes" This final operation was more about his actual quality of life, than the usual, fix me so I can play again as quickly as possible. It was about being able to free dive for lobster, partake in sports with his kids and be able to sit down for dinner

It was lovely to see him make a few jokes and for the most part seemed to be open and honest. The old Tiger was incredibly guarded and calculated with the media, he was at ease and answered in a modern way. Pressed about the general public having issues similar to his own, but having his play out in front of the world, he was asked what he had learnt......

He said, "I always thought I was mentally strong, so did Dad, but after this all, I know that I am." Tiger mentioned his Dad a few times, citing he "would be proud of what they had achieved," with the introduction of the Hero Event and the subsequent success and high quality field, not to mention the enormous generosity to charities form the proceeds. "It was something we talked about"

He talked about his kids, and how to them he was just a "YouTube" legend! They were too young to see just how good Dad was in his prime. Tiger mentioned how cool it was for Jack Nicklaus being able to share special times with his family on the golf course, he called out having his son Jack Jnr on his bag for The Masters as an example.