The Year That Was: NBA in 2017



NOVEMBER: Boston recovered in a big way from the opening night defeat and the loss of Hayward. After falling to 0-2 the next night, they went on a 16 game streak, spearheaded by Irving. The streak was eventually ended by the Miami Heat. After a shaky start where they were below .500 for quite some time, the Cavs are currently on an 11 game win streak at the time of writing. Antetokounmpo is putting in MVP worthy performances nighlty for the Bucks, who currently sit at 12-9. Ben Simmons could be heading to the all star game in his rookie year (he was drafted #1 overall in 2016, but missed whole of last year due to injury, hence why this year is his rookie year). If he was to make it, he would be the first rookie to do so since Blake Griffin in 2011. He has done alright since then... Even if he doesn’t make it, he is looking a certain for rookie of the year. Over in the West, the Thunder are still not clicking with their two new big name acquisitions. The Warriors, Rockets, and Spurs have all started well as expected. The big shock so far though is in the shape of the Nuggets, who sit at 13-9 and 4th in the West. It’s been so far so good for Minnesota’s young team too; they are 13-10. Lonzo Ball has been a bust so far this season too. LOL. I hope he turns it around though, for his sake, not his Fathers...

And there you have it. The Year That Was: NBA in 2017. I’ve been Nathan Waywell (@N_Waywell), thank you for reading, goodbye!