The Year That Was: Technology in 2017


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Hellloooo there, and welcome to ByTheMinute's roundup of all the latest technology that stormed onto the market this year! I'm @a_buckmaster, so let's have a look together!

When you think of technology that has been released this year, most of you will think of the brand new iPhone X - 10, not X... It's essentially a full screen iPhone 8 - with a semi-noticeable notch - which scans your face to unlock, instead of the easier and faster fingerprint scanner - although it is said by Apple that Face ID is much faster, plus you can turn into a talking sh*t if you want to...

Now everyone know the main points of the new iPhones - it's faster, more expensive etc. - but I'm gonna highlight the secondary points that you may not know... It's got fancy wireless charging - hence the glass on the back of both iPhones - which can be used with any other Qi Wireless Chargers, which are used by other phone companies like Samsung - a very un-Apple thing to do! You can also send cash to your friends through the latest iOS update - which is available to most of the current iPhones, not just the new ones - using iMessage and Apple Pay, you can send friends or family money which they can then used on their iPhone's Wallet. There's even fast charging with the new iPhones, but that's only with a special charger that is an added extra - a USB-C charging cable.

Apple have also released a new 4k Apple TV based on last years model; a new Apple Watch - Series 3 - which has a SIM built in for cellular use without the need of a phone, but only works with select carriers. A new iMac Pro - which will cost an arm and a leg - will also be released, while a new Apple Product - Homepod - will be released next year. This is a mix of an Amazon Alexa/ Google Home, and a massive speaker, with an Apple Price Tag. Nothing special from Apple this year, but the Mac lineup will be refreshed for next year, so watch out!

Google has also stepped up it's game in terms of hardware. The company bought HTC's mobile division - with HTC now focusing on the successful HTC Vive and other products. The Pixel 2 - normal and XL - released to different reviews, with the phones being manufactured by two different companies, which will no longer happen after the HTC acquisition. The XL has a better design and look, but suffers from screen burn-in and other issues, while the Pixel 2 has a larger bezels - sides on the screens - it is considered the better phone, due to both phones having the same internals. The new version of Android on the new phones have met to rave reviews, however.

Google also expanded it's Home range. The Google Home Mini directly competes with the Amazon Echo Dot - at the same price and size - while the Google Home Max competes with Apple's Homepod. There were improvements to the Daydream VR, and other Google products.

Samsung released the S8 this year - with Bixby, it's awful speech assistant software - which was also met to rave reviews earlier this year. The Note 8 was released a bit later in the year, which didn't blow up like the last one did. Both Samsungs have been at the top of reviews, but as the year progressed, they have been overtaken by later releases. However, current rumours of the S9 have shown that it'll meet the mark...

Now, for my surprise of the year, the Razer Phone. Now, you won't know Razer - they make gaming peripherals and laptops - but they released an Android phone designed for gaming, but $650 price. However, when you compare to other phones at the same price, it has: loud speakers, strong chassis that won't break, a smooth screen, a massive battery and many other features that includes fast charging - the list could go on. If you want a great value phone, look at it - or OnePlus...

Now, for phones, my recommendations are iPhone 8 or the Razer Phone; a smart speaker will soon become a necessity; and have a look out for VR kits coming out! This article may seem short, but I've had to restrain myself, and the year on gaming is coming out soon anyway... I've been @a_buckmaster, good bye!