UFC TUF 26 Finale: Montaño vs. Modafferi



And with that, we'll wrap it up. Congratulations to the new champion. A really good night of fights. And if Brett Johns doesn't get a $50,000 bonus I may riot. Join me again tomorrow from 11pm UK time for UFC 218! I've been Jody Jamieson. It's 6:17am and I'm going to bed. Goodnight all!

DC asks about the armbar at the end. Roxy says it was close but she defended it well.

Modafferi says "I'm not done, and I have room for improvement everywhere."

Montano carries herself with grace as always as she becomes the first ever UFC women's flyweight champion. DC goes over to talk to Modafferi.

Montano puts over Roxanne as her mother comes in and they both break down in tears. DC trying to continue the interview, but he's losing.

Montano, seeded 14, took down #1, #2, #3 and #6 in the tournament. What a resume.

50-45 is very harsh, but 49-46 is a fair card. Congratulations to the new champ, Nicco Montano!

Official decision. 50-45, 49-46 and 49-46. Unaniamous decision and new champion... Nicco Montano!

Can't see past Montano here. I can't make an argument for Roxy in any of the three rounds I scored for Nicco, and actually the first round, which I gave to Roxy, was the closest.

We go the distance. 48-47 Montano for me. The girls embrace after a tough fight. A new champion will be crowned in moments.