UFC TUF 26 Finale: Montaño vs. Modafferi



Bennett looking for a takedown but war of losing position. Fabian does well to turn the position, but Bennett looks for the single leg. Fabian controlling the head well to stay on her base.

Fabian has lost her underhook and can't get it back. Bennett with a knee in the clinch.

Big John starting to get a little restless, and as I type that he separates. Best thing there.

Fabian with a nice right. She throws a combo which doesn't land, but finishes with a leg kick. Now finding a home for her right hand.

Bennett looking for a standing guillotine at the buzzer. Bennett with a nice knee, but just at the buzzer Fabian with a beautiful head kick! Big John asks her to stand up and walk back to her corner, and she does. But likely saved by the bell.

10-9 Fabian. Almost exactly the same as the one Eubanks landed on Bennett in the TUF house.

DeAnna comes out the corner with a smile on her face. Expect Melinda to push the pace. Round 2!

Fabian immediately throws a head kick off a right hand but it's blocked. Bennett looking for a double leg.

Bennett again controlling clinch position but not doing much with it. If there's still cobwebs to clear though, this is an effective way to do it.

Fabian grabs the fence to avoid a takedown. Big John docks a point. Often they get a warning, but that was flagrant. We'll see how important that is if it goes the distance.