UFC TUF 26 Finale: Montaño vs. Modafferi



Bennett back looking for the takedown. Not an exciting fight, but getting Bennett back in the fight, and could be a 10-8 with the point deduction. Big John breaks them up and Bennett immediately shoots and we're back in the same position.

Fabian with a couple of body shots, but unable to fight off the position. Big John breaks them up again, and DeAnna shoots for a single leg to loud boos.

End of the second. Bennett probably takes it 10-8 in the most boring manner possible. I've got 19-18 Bennett. Point deduction for Fabian looming large.

The broadcast goes to Fabian's corner briefly, till they realise no-one in the truck speaks Hungarian. I laughed. Round 3.

Both girls very cagey in the middle to open the third, but Fabian's right hand is landing pretty consistently.

Bennett catches a kick and can't finish the single leg. The crowd groans as we go back to the cage.

Bennett got quite deep on the takedown attempt, but Fabian's underhook had it all under control.

Big John breaks it up. This fight is no good. 2 minutes left.

Here's a sexy calf slicer to cheer anyone up.

Bennett has another takedown stuffed. I expected more out of DeAnna, but Fabian has won the standup exchanges and stuffed the takedowns well. Though this fight might be trending to a draw.